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Lenore Lum Smith is the design director and owner of Design Fruition. Born and raised in Hawaii, Lenore has had many years of experience in interior design. Attaining a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a degree in Interior Design, she has enjoyed a range of work, from modern office spaces, to sophisticated urban condos, to contemporary multi-family homes. With an eye for simplistic beauty, she approaches every project with the goal of creating functional, inviting spaces that bring out the client's personality. Lenore sources her design materials from affordable sources while producing high quality, elegant spaces.
Lenore's love of travel has taken her and her husband to extraordinary places around the world, though, she always finds herself back at her favorite places London, Paris and Brussels. And with her love of European architecture, it is there that she can indulge in her fascination with design and fashion. Though time there is limited because she has her main squeeze, Peanut, a miniature dachshund, waiting for her at home.
Lenore is available for commercial and residential work.